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Guide for Authors

Dear Authors!
Scientific Journal of Russian Research Institute of Land Improvement Problems” accepts for publication original articles (Scientific Papers, Review Papers, Short Communications) relating to agriculture, land reclamation, agrophysics, agricultural chemistry, soil science, agricultural mechanization, hydraulic engineering construction, hydraulics, engineering hydrology, economics, land management.

Release dates of the Journal in  2019:

issue no. 1 (33) – February 
issue no. 2 (34) – May
issue no. 3 (35) – August
issue no. 4 (36) – November

Journal issues and information about the authors transfer to the scientific electronic library eLIBRARY.RU for inclusion in the system of Russian Science Citation Index, the Fund of Central Scientific Agricultural Library of Russian Academy of Sciences, and the international database AGRIS (Agricultural Research Information System).

Each author can publish one article per issue of the journal as a senior author and one article as a co-author.
To publish an article, provide to the editorial board the documents according to the established procedure for article submission.

The manuscript is prepared according to the established requirements.

Information about the authors is provided in the form of author certificate.

All articles accepted are peer reviewed mandatory. The choice of a reviewer is made by the editorial board.

Payment for editing and publishing services, including peer review of scientific papers, is 2550 rubles.

The articles of postgraduate students are published free of charge.

Editorial address:
190 Baklanovskiy ave., office 111, Novocherkassk, Rostov region, 346421, Russian Federation
Tel: 8(8635) 26-86-24, fax: 8(8635) 26-74-53

e-mail :

Contact persons:
Deputy Editor-in-Chief
Sergey Vasilyev 
Tel/fax: (8635) 26-51-11

Executive Secretary:
Olga Shkodina
Tel: 8(8635) 26-86-24