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Author: Ivonin V.M.


Topics: 06.01.02 Land Reclamation, Recultivation, and Land Protection


The aim of the research is the analysis of the reclamation potential of the forest-agricultural landscape. The concept of landscape chorion and Venn diagram were used. The provision on a forest agrarian chorion, including a nucleus (a forest management stow) and fields of its influence (zones of reclamation influence) has been developed. The forest agrarian chorion is the basis for forest agrarian landscape sustainability and productivity. The overlapping fields of influence of adjacent chorions form the sphere of the forest-agrarian landscape. The nucleus of the forest agrarian chorion, which has a high material, energy and informational potential contributes to the wind-breaking effect, snow retention and surface runoff control, the greatest agrocoenosis biomass growth, the formation of “wind shadow”, the interaction of cycles of the biological cycle. Three sources of reclamation potential of the forest-agrarian chorion are determined: the intensity of the material-energy manifestations, the dynamics of the impact fields, the incompleteness of the cycles of the biological cycle. Dynamics of the fields and incompleteness of the cycles stoke tension of material-energy manifestations. The forest agrarian chorion nucleus is a place of maximum tension, the greatest reclamation impact on the environment components and the biological cycle of the forest type, when wood that serves as a long-term carbon storage is removed from the annual cycle. Carbon is preserved in the form of humus in the upper soil layer. The reclamation impact in ecotones is manifested in transformation of atmospheric heat and water vapor flows, changes in the light intensity and temperature of the marginal zone soil, as well as maximum biomass growth in the edge woody plants. Habitats of forest species in ecotones (usually are not manifested (together with contaminating plants) can be destroyed when placing field roads along the edges or plowing of forest stands.
Key words: forest-agrarian landscape, landscape chorion, reclamation effect, landscape chorion nucleus, impact fields.
DOI: 10.31774/2222-1816-2019-2-51-67

For citation:
Ivonin, V. M. FOREST LAND-SCAPE RECLAMATION PO-TENTIAL ANALYSIS / V. M. Ivonin // Scientific Journal of Russian Scientific Research Insti-tute of Land Improvement Prob-lems [Electronic resource]. – 2019. – 2. – P. 51–67. – Mode of access: – DOI: 10.31774/2222-1816-2019-2-51-67.

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