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Author: Olgarenko V.I. Olgarenko I.V. Dezura S. D. Gerasimenko M. V. Olgarenko V. Ig.


Topics: 06.01.02 Land Reclamation, Recultivation, and Land Protection


The aim of the research was to develop a basic methodological approach to analyze the planning efficiency and to evaluate the realization of implementation of water use technological processes at all levels of irrigation systems. A system of technical and economic efficiency of the irrigation system operation was developed, which scientifically substantiates the assessment of the technical level, the rationing of water use, water distribution and irrigation in general, together with the formation of a favorable environmental situation in the agricultural landscape under consideration. The system of technical and economic indicators is represented by two groups: operational and final. The resulting system of integral indices for analyzing the planning and evaluation of the implementation of water use process at the relevant water management facility has improved the overall classification of irrigation systems for assessing and analyzing their technical level. Thus, instead of four categories, there are five categories. A new classification of the main regulatory characteristics that ensure the functioning of environmentally balanced land-reclamation systems with a minimal anthropogenic effect on the agricultural landscape has been developed and substantiated. For the determination of each final, operational, regulatory and integral indicator, the corresponding methods for determining their values were compiled. The values of all considered technical indicators and the limit of their acceptable variation for each category of irrigation systems are given. The conducted studies allowed to substantiate the main technical and economic indicators of technically advanced or environmentally balanced irrigation systems.
Key words: agrolandscapes, water use efficiency, technical level, biological cycle, control structure, environmentally balanced irrigation systems.
DOI: 10.31774/2222-1816-2019-1-139-152

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V. I. Olgarenko, I. V. Olgarenko, S. D. Dezura, M. V. Gerasimenko, V. Ig. Olgarenko THE SYSTEM OF INTEGRATED INDICES OF WATER USE EFFICIENCY ESTIMATION Scientific Journal of Russian Scientific Research Institute of Land Improvement Problems. 2019. No 1. P. 139-152 DOI: 10.31774/2222-1816-2019-1-139-152

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