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Author: Kadushkina V. P. Grabovets A. I. Biryukova O. V. Kovalenko S. A.


Topics: 06.01.01 General Agriculture, Crop Science


The aim of the study is to identify the dynamics of grain quality of spring durum wheat of Don breeding in different years of cultivation. The created early ripe highly productive varieties Novodonskaya, Vol’nodonskaya, Don Elegy, Don Melody and Donel M. were studied. When analyzing the technological properties of these grain varieties it was found that all of them are characterized by rather high quality indicators during the growing years. All five studied varieties met the requirements of the 1st class by GOST in terms of protein content and the amount of gluten in grain. Their average content over the years of study differs in varieties within 15.1–15.7 %, gluten – 32.2–34.1 %. The minimum nature (720 g/l) was observed in Don Elegy and Don Melody varieties in 2008 and 2009, and the highest (820–850 g/l) in Vol’nodonskaya and Don Melody in 2014 and 2015. Vol’nodonskaya and Novodonskaya are especially distinguished by quality. The Vol’nodonskaya is an early ripe variety, has a stable yield, grain nature, protein content, gluten and carotenoids, the smallest dry residue and the characteristic yellow color of pasta products. The Novodonskaya variety is characterized by a high protein content and high quality pasta. As a result, it has been determined that the spring durum wheat Don breeding varieties are well adapted to the extremely difficult climatic conditions of many production areas (where they are approved for cultivation), are highly productive, heat and drought-resistant, with high yield potential, resistant to abiotic stressors and meet the modern market requirements for grain quality.
Key words: spring durum wheat, variety, yield, grain quality, technological properties, carotenoids.
DOI: 10.31774/2222-1816-2018-4-266-276

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V. P. Kadushkina, A. I. Grabovets, O. V. Biryukova, S. A. Kovalenko. GRAIN QUALITY OF DON BREEDING SPRING DURUM WHEAT VARIETIES. Scientific Journal of Russian Scientific Research Institute of Land Improvement Problems. 2018. No 4. P. 266-276  DOI:

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